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24 Things You Can Do To Make A Difference


  1. Write a letter. Whether it’s to a CEO, a newspaper editor, or just to a friend who’s lonely, your words need to be heard. Do it by snail mail or by email, but do it.  comments@whitehouse.gov  editor@chron.com  viewpoints@chron.comoutlook@chron.com
  2. Carry blankets for the homeless in your car during the winter.
  3. Carry rain gear (ponchos, etc.) for the homeless in your car during the summer.
  4. Every time you go to the grocery store, buy a canned item or non-perishable to drop in the barrel for the hungry as you leave the store. Do not patronize stores who don’t have a barrel, or keep on the manager until they get one.
  5. Have your favorite charities’ websites listed in your “favorites” when you go online, and regularly go to their websites to sign petitions, add “clicks” for services (see our “click & serve” page), or help with whatever else they need.
  6. Have your local representatives’ and senators’ telephone numbers listed by the phone, and then call them regularly to voice your opinion. You may only get the secretary, but they have to write down your opinions, and that does influence the public official.  http://www.house.govhttp://www.senate.govhttp://www.house.state.tx.us http://www.senate.state.tx.us
  7. When you see a call for toys or canned goods or clothing on TV, go donate. Learn where your local television stations and neighborhood charities are, so you can do drive-bys with the donations. http://www.khou.comhttp://www.fox26.comhttp://www.kprc.comhttp://abclocal.go.com
  8. Donate clothes to your neighborhood clothing outlet.  http://www.houstoncharitycenter.org
  9. Donate glasses for the elderly. http://www.uniteforsight.orghttp://www.lionsclubs.org
  10. Donate old cars for educational funds. http://www.donateacar.comhttp://www.800charitycars.org
  11. Donate food to the Food Bank. http://www.houstonfoodbank.org
  12. Donate blood regularly, if you can.  http://www.redcross.org
  13. Volunteer for the local public radio station. In Houston, that is KPFT (90.1FM) radio, 419 Lovett. http://www.kpft.org
  14. Volunteer for the local public television station.  In Houston, that is Houston Media Source, Channel 17 on Time Warner Cable. http://www.houston-mediasource.org
  15. Make a show or Public Service Announcement or news brief for one of these. They give classes, sometimes free, in how to do this. You could have your own show!!! That why this is called “public radio” and “public television”.
  16. Become an independent news producer for independent media.http://www.houston.indymedia.org/
  17. Call the talk shows with your opinion.  You have valuable information that needs to be heard. http://www.kpft.orghttp://www.950kprc.com http://www.ktrh.comhttp://www.ksevradio.com 
  18. Write an Op Ed article for the local newspaper.  Your opinion may open the eyes of someone else. outlook@chron.com
  19. Hold a yard sale for your favorite charity, and clear up your clutter at the same time.
  20. Get your kids involved in all these things.
  21. Spend a portion of your Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday at the George R. Brown Convention Center feeding the hungry, and have a holiday to remember! http://www.houstonconventionctr.com/
  22. Volunteer to man the phones at a charity phone-in fundraiser, like KPFT radio, Houston's Channel 8 PBS station, or other charities. http://www.kpft.orghttp://www.houstonpbs.org
  23. Make care packages to carry in the car for the homeless with easy open cans, water, no-refrigeration applesauce, and peanut butter with crackers and plastic knives.
  24. Vote. http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/fyi/fyi.htm



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